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In the fitness industry where the message is FASTER, STRONGER, HARDER, HEALTHIER, it's a risk to say "you are enough." I know that YOU ARE ENOUGH- each and everyday. Sharing words from a therapist, Erin Barbossa, that might help on those days / years when goals aren't being met. Thanks for reading ~Carol

If you believe that everything you strive to achieve is unobtainable then you will achieve everything in striving for it.

Any basic coaching says, "make reachable goals" and believe me, it sometimes works to lower your bar and get excited when you reach it. However, I've recently come to a new place in perfectionism recovery, you don't have to lower the bar you just have to be okay with never reaching it.

When we set an intention and resolve to work towards a goal, we can feel like we are failing when we don't meet our self imposed expectation. When we shift our mindset to knowing we won't "succeed" and surrender to the idea that there is no end point, suddenly the pressure is off meeting the arbitrary goal.

This works for a wide range of...


The words by Emily Christie, owner operator of FIT4MOM Twin Cities was so poignant that I had to share with you. ~Carol

My challenge to you is to listen CAREFULLY to your story and decide if it’s serving you.

Let me illustrate my point with a couple of anecdotes.

My mother has always had arthritis for as far back as I can remember. It was one of those things we knew. She couldn’t do a certain thing because she had arthritis. She knitted not only because she was good at it, but because it was also good for the arthritis. But it became MY story too. A couple of years before I turned 40, I mentioned that when it was cool and rainy, I had a hard time feeling warm. I would wear many layers, socks, slippers, etc, drink hot tea, etc. “Maybe you’re starting to get arthritis.” She said. That’s all it took. I watched my fingers for any sign of ache. I would get cold when it rained, just WAITING to get one of those magic weather forecasting joints (you always hear from the guy who broke his leg 20 years ago, “my leg aches when it’s going to rain”).



In my 20’s, I did not even own tennis shoes. I never went to the gym, did not play a sport and never, ever ran. I made a point of not running. Hobbling around on ill-fitting vintage heels with a cigarette in my hand, I was suspicious of people who exercised. I thought a commitment to exercise was a sort of moral flaw, suggesting an unhealthy obsession with appearance, rather than focusing on the important things in life like drinking coffee and reading.

Ironically, I married someone who loves to workout. He is one of those people whose knees constantly twitch under the table, itching to be powering a bike or running up a hill. Still, I did not commit to exercise. I dabbled, but mostly exercise was the thing he did while I stayed home and took a nap.

Then, I had a son, a higher-energy version of his father. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by people whose dearest joy is to stand on their heads or do feats of strength. As 40 approached, I began to feel like it was a now or never situation. I had to get in shape...


I took my son, Neil, to the Color Run twice. He and our stroller came through the run just fine each time. At the Color Runs, there are stations every kilometer where the runners are doused with a single color of the color dust. At the end, everyone receives a color packet to throw in the air in a big colorful dance party if they wish.

At our first Color Run in 2013, my son was 18 months old. Since most of the color dust was in a cloud surrounding the stations, I just put his rain shield down whenever we approached and went through the color station. The people squirting the color dust out of bottles did not go out of their way to squirt color on the stroller runners, so you could easily avoid a lot of color dust if you wanted. There wasn’t much color dust between the color stations. Neil fell asleep midway through the 2013 run, so I kept his rain shield down most of the time anyway.

In 2014, my son was 2.5 years old, awake and really enjoyed the run. It seemed like the color stations were a bit more controlled that year. I had to actually ask the color...


Sometimes I hear this, especially when a mom stops working and the household is a single income household.

“We can’t afford it”

Sometimes the wife/partner takes it upon herself to find areas to save money. She’ll look to save it by skipping that fitness membership. “Saying things like walking is free, I can do that.”

Sometimes as moms and no longer income earners in our household, we take it upon ourselves to eliminate what can help us be healthier, stronger, more connected moms. FIT4MOM isn’t just fitness that we provide, we provide community. For the cost of membership we provide an awesome workout (just try us, you might be sore the next day), your children will have playmates, after every class is a playdate (it’s not on the schedule but that’s what we do—grab a coffee after our workout and the kids play. If you have a baby, you’re just drinking coffee and chatting). There is a weekly craft. Yup, you don’t have to buy a bunch of stuff, our playgroup captain gets everything prepped and ready. (We know you’ve been meaning to make that footprint card for...

6 Rules for a Successful Stroller Strides Class.jpg

We like to keep Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre a safe and happy place so we've got a couple of quick guidelines that we like to follow at all our locations to be consistent and keep everyone in good spirits.

1. Cleanliness is friendliness! Pick up after your babies or help a mama out and lend a hand by picking-up fallen snacks and wrappers. It's easier to pick up a goldfish cracker before it's rolled over by a stroller.

2. Be aware of others around you. When stopped at a station or at a cardio burst break, listen to the instructor on keeping a tight formation and stay close to any nearby walls. Instructors will cue you how she wants you and your stroller situated. This allows walkers, bikers, etc to move easily around us and allows all mamas to see what's going on. Stay in a single/double line when walking. Additionally, if passing walkers or other mamas, call out "passing left/right."

3. If high impact cardio is not an option, make sure you push yourselves with your walk - our cardio intervals are designed to torch calories by raising and lowering your...

chocolate medals.jpg

Want to thank all the mamas who participated in the Charity Miles Marathon Month. It was fun way to get motivated and stay running/walking in Michigan during the times when we would rather curl in our blankets instead of lacing up our shoes.

This wasn't just about running. It's about being active, about giving back just because you are active. I hope you participated with walking, running, and/or biking that allowed us to raise $30 this month. We contributed to the overall $2570 to FIT4MOM national team.

It's not too late to join. While the marathon month challenge is over, your walking, running and cycling miles can still add up. See fellow FIT4MOM Ann Arbor participants by joining @F4MAnnArbor team.

Charity Miles is a free iPhone and Android app that enables people to earn corporate sponsorships for charity while walking, running or biking. They are supported by awesome companies like Humana, Johnson & Johnson, Timex Sports, Chobani and Kenneth Cole. Good article is on...

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As we embark on February, it’s a month associated with Valentine’s Day. I see lots of Valentine’s Day-hating and I’m always struck by it. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. As a child, my father would leave a card and a small box of heart-shaped box of chocolates and conversational hearts on the dining room table so when I woke-up it would be there. There would be a giant heart-shaped box for my mom. Ever since I’ve gone to school, I’ve send out Valentine’s Day cards. I’ve made them and I’ve bought them. As an adult and a mom, I enjoy making them with my children and have even volunteered in my children’s classroom to make Valentine gift boxes and cards.

For this month FIT4MOM Ann Arbor is having a COUPLES Challenge. I told my husband and he said, “Really? No one likes challenges.” That surprise me as much as people disliking Valentine’s Day! I hope all my kind readers disagree with him.

Not all of us are coupled up. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy doing a couples challenge. I know people whose children are the love of their lives and navigating this world together....

i run because i can.jpg

This is my running motto- I RUN BECAUSE I CAN. Those who know me, know I really don’t like to run. Yup! That’s true. When I tell people I don’t like to run the question comes, “so WHY do you run?” I do it because I physically CAN do it. My girlfriend Carol had stumbled from a few steps of her mother-in-law’s porch— so badly that it shattered the bones in her ankle and foot (the doctor said he's only seen cases like that in car accident. eweeee-oweeee!) and she was in wheelchair and rehab for months! She worked so hard to gain mobility and strength to walk again! Even after recovery, one of the things she is NOT able to do is run. That was the real game-changer for me. I thought long and hard, what if I couldn’t run anymore. I also had two friends injured (one from hip pain and another from bursitis) and weren’t able to run for nearly a year. Running is something I don't like to do but the idea of not being able to just run is hard to comprehend. So each time I run, I say, “I run because I can” since I have no physical impediment.

The other thing I say when I’m trying to...


8 Fitness TIPS When you are Breastfeeding

Congrats! You want to get back into the FITNESS after having a baby and you don’t want to compromise your milk-supply. We hear you. We don’t want that either! You’ll be happy to know that research shows moderate exercise does NOT directly affect your milk supply or quality. YAY!

1. GET THE MILK OUT: Nurse or pump milk BEFORE exercise. The main reason is YOUR comfort. Your breast might be “filled” with milk and certain impact exercises may make you uncomfortable. Having a supportive high-impact bra is helpful, even if you didn’t need one prior to pregnancy.

2. SUPPORT THE GIRLS: Invest in a supportive fitness bra. I know it’s hard to find a bra that support the girls while you do jumping jacks and want to nurse on demand. I recommend Moving Comfort’s “Fiona” bra. While it’s not a nursing bra, the fact that it has adjustable Velcro straps, it can work for nursing. It’s not the easiest to reassemble one-handed, but gives you the support and access needed during nursing. Check out the video....


Happy 2016!

Turning the calendar page to the new year always makes us think of new year’s resolutions. Like most things in my life, I struggle with should I do it or shouldn’t I? I don’t have a SET resolution. I know there are things I want to achieve in the new year but that’s actually something I work on daily. In the grand scheme I am healthier physically, emotionally, and mentality. Surprisingly looking at the top 10 things on broken New YEAR’s Resolutions, I feel like I’ve GOT it under control.

Here’s the top 10 new years resolution. If any of the top 7 are on YOUR LIST, then FIT4MOM Ann Arbor can help you achieve your goals. Really, we are a fitness program and we also offer Body Back that is specially designed and university tested to lose weight and be more fit (#1 & #3). Trying any of our classes is learning something new (#2)— coming to our playdates, Moms Night Out, you will gain some knowledge (like Eve-Marie can bake/make gingerbread houses like it’s nobody’s business) and be less stressed (#5). Being healthy, building strength reduces medical cost...


We love FITNESS and community so we don't like to cancel our classes but here in Michigan we have been known to get some SNOW or ICE STORMS. Our SNOW Day (Inclement ) Weather Policy is that we TYPICALLY follow Ann Arbor Public School (AAPS) closings. Sometimes AAPS will close due to severe wind-chill factor due to children waiting at bus stops or walking to school. Since we are able to bundle up our little ones and make it into the indoor locations in a relatively short time, wind chill isn't usually an issue, so classes TEND not to be cancel on those days. Often surrounding districts, such as Saline and Dexter may or may not cancel schools, but we DO NOT follow their school closings.

Use your best judgment for you and your family about going out during inclement weather.

We will post on our Facebook page class cancellations before 8am. Please check there prior to heading out and being disappointed.

smaller anu.jpg

Anu Agrawal

  • Masters in Education - Virginia Tech
  • Masters in Social Work - Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Social Worker at The University Center for the Child and the Family

Anu grew up in a small city in central Virginia where she spent many summers bike riding with friends. Although sports were not a big part of Anu's life while in middle and high school, exercise became very important after sustaining a broken ankle in college. After her ankle healed, she was determined to become stronger and more stable. Over the years following college, Anu did a mix of exercise including running, spinning, and weight training. However, exercise took a back seat with a hectic career in Washington D.C. When her husband's job brought them to Ann Arbor, Anu was 7 months pregnant with their first child. Without a social network to lean on, Anu found the community she was looking for when she heard about Stroller Strides from another mom she met in a breastfeeding group. "It was the motivation I needed to get moving. I found a group of supportive mothers...


Running has become a bit of a focus for me this week. We recently had Ann Arbor Running Company’s Nick Stanko meet our mamas to help us with gait and stride tips. We are in week 3 of a 4-week summer run training session. We will finish our training with Probility’s Beat the Heat 5K and many of our children (ages 3 to 9) will do the kid’s 1/4-mile run that ends in a water arch. That sounds cool (& refreshing).

Whenever people ask me “how can you run with a stroller?” or say “I hate running with a stroller” for some reason Team Hoyt pops into my head. They aren’t stroller running but Dick pushes his grown son, Rick Hoyt, in a wheelchair (since 1977) doing the various runs, which includes Ironman Triathlon and many marathons. If you don’t know Team Hoyt, check out their video clip from 2007 and their website It makes me think of the mama...


What a treat that FIT4OM of Ann Arbor is a sponsor for FIRST STEPS Kid Fest this year!

Many of our FIT4MOM of Ann Arbor families participate in FIRST STEPS programs.

My personal story is when Chase was an infant around 4-months-old (he's now 10-years old, as of this writing) he would go with Scott for "JUST FOR DADS" on Thursday evenings. I recalled Scott initially resisting and saying (paraphrasing here), "We don't do anything there. Chase lies on the blanket doing tummy-time, I could do that at home with him."

My response was that Scott needed to meet other dads (fortunately, I had already a network of mom friends) and he needed to know what it was like to take the baby out on his own. Carry the diaper bag, buckling baby in the carseat, change a blow-out diaper in a public restroom, soothing a fussy baby in public, learn songs and really just be with Chase on his own. This also gave me about 2-hours to myself one evening a week. I was doing baby groups with Chase during the day and as I mentioned, I had already had a network of mom-friends.



Beauty of February is Valentine’s Day. I’ve always been sweet on it since I was a child. In addition to making cards and receiving Valentines, my fond memory is my father leaving me a kid-size heart-shaped box of chocolates on the kitchen table with a greeting card propped on the set of salt and pepper shakers. There would be another one for my mom. I would be envious because it was a HUGE box, but since my mom didn’t like chocolate, I would get to eat most of hers.

Now, as an adult and a parent, I love it for the sweetness for my own children—making Valentine cards and treats and the romantic nature of the holiday with my husband- date night!

As fitness profession, I also see February is Heart Healthy Month. While our children are small, they are the center of much of our lives. This is like your heart, it’s small (size of your fist) but central to your cardiovascular system.

Your heart pumps oxygen and nutrients through 60,000 miles (if placed end-to-end) of blood vessels in your body. If the organs and tissues don’t receive the nutrients needed or the waste...


This morning I was feeling guilty for missing a Stroller Strides Class. I love the instructor and her classes, then again I love all of our instructors, I trust them with my physical body in the exercises and workouts they create and I trust them with my heart. That’s pretty big stuff. My toddler loves his friends in class. So for me to skip a class is somewhat laden with guilt. Today my older kids were home from school because in our district the public schools are used as polling areas. My children are getting older (as my husband pointed out, “we all are getting older” he’s so wise.) and I’m close to becoming that person at Target or the grocery store that sees a mom and baby and says wistfully, “Enjoy it, it goes by so quickly. I have a 10 and 7 year-old and it feels like only yesterday when they were that tiny.” Then I would probably get the evil-eye from that sleep-deprived mama. As one of my mom-friends said, “We still have the filter not to say that but one day that filter is going to be gone.” She’s also wise.

Rarely do we get a chance not to have school in the...


Let’s help each other along to get our workouts in!!

There’s plenty of obstacles that prevent us from working out and taking better care of ourselves. Moms of small children--we face even more hurdles, sleepless nights, dishes in the sink, work, social commitments, music class, errands and more. Feel free to add to the list.

During a spin class long ago, someone asked our instructor—“Samantha, how do you do it all?” She was a mom to three children (all under the age of 10). She taught spin, boot camp and yoga at the gym and happily married. she owned her own business (an indoor play area). And even partied with Kid Rock and went to music award shows. With all that, she still would be there to teach class 5-days a week at 9am. But back to the question—“How do you do it all?” I loved loved her answer—“YOU haven’t seen my house.” I interpret that as “something has to give—for her it was housekeeping.”

Granted she is probably the gold standard for fitness and motherhood, but doesn’t mean we can’t try to be there. Her response gave me inspiration to come...


This month our theme is transportation and our thought for the month is about SUPPORT. From my childhood, I remember the book, _The Little Engine That Could_ and the famous line "I think I can, I think I can" As a child I understood the story to be about doing something I thought I might not be able to do, but with positive thinking, I can accomplish it. Now when I read that story, I see it differently. I find the most compelling aspect is that the Little Blue Engine agrees to help. The clown and all the little toys were rebuffed and not given any help by other trains until the Little Blue Engine arrived.

As a mom, I've felt the same pangs of helplessness as those little toys did and then had another mom rescue me. What a tremendous sense of relief! I see this kind of support regularly in our community. A mom needs to move one of her children out of the double stroller due to sibling friction and someone is there to make room in their stroller or even swap a child out - because you know other children are friends; whereas, siblings, well, are siblings. A mom needs...


So there are some big shoes I’m stepping into. I will stumble and my walk won’t be the same, but my vision is much like Jordan’s—empowering the mamas who come to a Stroller Strides class, a craft, a playgroup or a mom’s night out. This is a place where we meet you where you are physically and in motherhood. We are a community of first time moms and seasoned moms all trying to make each day better for our children and family, for our community and for ourselves.

I thank the 30-something-year-old whipper-snapper (this word makes me sound like I’m about 100-years-old) who inspires me each day with her warmth, her discipline and sometimes even her naivete for creating this lovely community. The group I like being part of and much like my children, can’t imagine life without it. Each day I want to share this community with others and I hope you feel the same.

Inspire Collage 2.jpg

Who would have thought that just 2 years ago, this March, I would have attended my first Stroller Strides class. Before class I remember feeling unsure about attending, not really understanding what class entailed but oh so desperate for some exercise and socialization; when I left I felt excited, slightly sore (in a great way), and inspired about the awesome new class I couldn't wait to throw myself into! Had I just joined a group of mom mall walkers? OH-NO-ITS-NOT! This class was HARD (mostly because I was like-whoa out of shape), it was FUN, and I could bring my son. Easy choice. Hands down.

When I learned that the owner was selling, I was SO disappointed. It had been the first time since the birth of my son that I had finally felt "myself." I had recently left my job and was (poorly) adjusting to the whole stay-at-home thing and so I jumped at the chance to run the program. To be honest, I had an amateur knowledge of fitness at best, but figured with my teaching/business background, I could figure it out. I passed all my tests, filed all my paperwork and in June of 2012...

Mandy Photo.jpg

Mandy grew up on both the east and west coasts: Glendale, California and Long Island, NY. Mandy has been a horseback rider since she was 7 years old, competing in English (jumping) horse shows throughout New England, and once in college was a member of the Stanford Equestrian Team, competing at Nationals 3 times and serving as President senior year.

Mandy moved to Ann Arbor when her first born was 5 weeks old. After a couple of months of not meeting any new moms and feeling stuck in a rut, "I remembered that some of my mom friends in other cities had found a good community of moms through Stroller Strides. I decided to see if there was a Stroller Strides program in Ann Arbor, and the rest, as they say, is history. I love Stroller Strides because it meets so many of my needs! Fun, friendship and of course, fitness! It has affected my life in a huge way. Nearly every friend I have here in Ann Arbor is related in some way to a Stroller Strides connection. So many of the activities my family enjoy were recommended by a Stroller Strides mamas. Stroller Strides has become...


Here's a quick Valentine's Day Couples Workout to get you ready for our Family Class on the 15th! Don't forget to reserve a spot for you and your spouse right here!

F4M_FB_Cover_February_2014-5 (2).jpg

Motherhood has a lot of moments to love: smiles, laughs, and snuggles are just a few of my favorite. But sometimes there are also an equal amount of moments that are pretty unlovable… like getting peed on? Or holding out a hand to get coughed/drooled/spit-up into? We've all been there, and yet, for our little ones we bear through it!

This month we'll be sharing and celebrating some LOVE for all the moments that motherhood throws at us and we'll be doing it together: at class, during our online 10k Step Challenge, at our monthly Moms Night Out and during our Valentine's Day Family class. We've got so many fun contests and delicious activities to join in on this month with our 5 Senses Theme and we can't wait for you to join...

Wind Chill Workout.jpg

Day 2 of the polar vortex is bringing us the great arctic chill! Stay inside and stay warm with our Wind Chill Workout! Don't forget to grab your timer & toddler helper, to modify/challenge yourself as needed, rest & grab some h2o as you go, and then leave a comment below once you've finished!

Polar Vortex WO 2.jpg

We are missing you at class today! Stay warm inside those homes and work up a sweat with this Polar Vortex Workout: grab your phone for a timer, talk your toddler into being a timer helper, modify as needed, and leave a comment when you've completed!

Sweat Sing Smile FIT4MOM.JPG

Happy 2014!

This January, we'll be reflecting this month on our theme "All About Me." For our little ones, this means we'll be singing and learning about our names, families, feelings, and selves! Us mamas, we'll be reflecting on who we are and taking the time to think about what we want for the year ahead.

If your new to our group join us for a free Stroller Strides Community Class week to learn all about FIT4MOM Ann Arbor! Then everyone is invited to our 2014 Vision Board Party where we will be creating our own individual vision for what we want from 2014!

Make this YOUR year!

Let It Snow.jpg

We've got a festive snow theme full of fun crafts and activities this month. Check out our calendar below and join us in our celebration of all things snow!

You can enroll in classes here and RSVP for Plum Moms Club events here.

Plankful Nov13 w.jpg

Every November brings the intention of being thankful, but sometimes its really hard to count blessings when baby has caught that first seasonal bug: you haven't slept in three days and you possibly smell like… spit-up. You are busy multitasking mamas! We've crafted the ultimate mind-body experience for you: Plankful November. At the end of each class this month we'll pair 1 minute of a different style of plank with a thankful meditation. It's going be glorious!

We've also got a whole lot of other fun stuff coming down the pike for our Fall Harvest theme this month. As always, check out our calendar below for info on our Stroller Strides classes and our Plum Moms Club events, and then go take a peek at...


In researching our Shapes & Me theme for the month I came across the simple little mantra "I shape me." Sometimes when my little one has me frazzled or things just aren't going my way, it's a great little reminder for me that I'm in control. It's definitely something I'm always trying to model for my toddler: my reactions and my attitude is always in my jurisdiction. (It's certainly a work-in-progress.)

I'm also excited to share that "I shape me" is going to be one of the first mantras of our inaugural Body Back session that we are launching this October. It's a nice reminder that the experience is going be what you put into it. Personally, as your instructor, I can't wait to give it 110%! I'm so excited to share this new offering in Ann Arbor and shape ourselves together this session.

In Stroller Strides this month we will be exploring all of the...

ABC 123 letter poster title.jpg

Our wonderful instructor (and also a blogger) Elise is joining us today to share some wonderful ideas on how she integrated our ABCs & 123s theme into her daily life! Check out her fabulous post then leave her some love in the comments! Enjoy! - JN

- - -

I don't know if it's the back-to-school chill in the air or Jordan's rockin' pinterest board that sparked my energies, but I really loved our ABCs and 123s theme month! We brought the theme home with us this month with a couple of super-simple crafts. Soph is 21 months and a little young yet to be expected to recognize letters, but a few little manipulatives gave us lots to talk about and I loved opening up her world to the basics of numbers and letters!

Our first craft was...

Sept13 Apple words 4.jpg

So heads up, I'm about to get real personal on this page, I hope your able to bear with me through my light bulb moment…

About a month ago I used the d-word in front of my son, (rhymes with ram.) In my defense, our dog decided to roll around in another dog's poop and was literally covered; I guess I could have used worse words. However, immediately after the d-word left my mouth my son started repeating it. Ouch.

It made me wonder what my son is picking up from me inadvertently. I had been hoping it was his pleases and thank yous but when I heard him say "um" the other day in response to a question, I realized he got that from me. However, this incident got me thinking: what am I indirectly teaching my son about who we are and what we value.

A few months ago I was inspired by a friend's post, in which, she made a conscious decision about something that she wanted to teach her daughter and I realized, I need to do this for...

Water Sail Together Quote.jpg

After the birth of my son I quickly discovered that there is lot of stormy weather that comes with your adorable bundle of joy: late nights, no sleep, crying (baby & me), teething, feeding, and it goes on. Sure, there are some quiet waters but man that stormy weather can be HARD! Yet, I found that what hurt even more than all the stormy weather was being stuck at home and not having "things" to do and adult conversation. The stormy weather will pass (and be forgotten), but it's motherhood in isolation that will really sink the ship.

What helped me the most as I made this transition was the mama friends I made. (During my first 6 weeks, joining this moms group was a LIFESAVER.) Having a friend to complain about the woes of nursing, to watch a little one when you need a break, or bring a meal to a new mama - it will truly keep you afloat. (Seriously, thank you!)

At FIT4MOM we believe that NO mom should go it alone.

If you're not in our FREE Plum Mom's group yet,...

drum beat2.jpg

You know that silly dance that babies do: shaking and stomping and boogieing all over the place to no particular rhythm. It's a pleasure to catch because it's so absolutely carefree and just plain funny looking.

And sometimes…

you just have to join right in...

because dancing to the beat of your own drum…

well, it's a BLAST!

This month we'll be dancing and singing to our music theme all month! We'll be crafting up some instruments, grooving to an 80s theme class, karaoke-singing the night away, and who knows... maybe we'll even be prancerzing (ok, kinda kidding on that last one - um… NOT!)

Check out the calendar...


Being a huge fan of inspirational lifestyle blogs, I jumped at the chance to invite Amanda to guest post this month. I'm super excited to introduce to you to the lovely Amanda of PaperForts.

Amanda is a super creative mama who is always thinking up new and exciting experiences for her little one to engage her imagination in art and life. Her post on potato stamping with her daughter totally encouraged me to get over my fear of painting with my toddler. Plus, her great taste, zest for home reno, and general perspective on life has encouraged me to undertake a few projects of my own while reminding myself to keep things in perspective. Welcome Amanda!

WeatherMonster WO4.jpg

Missing us today? Well here's our weekend weather workout report! Grab dad and the kids for a little workout with our little Weather Monster; and get the little ones involved by having them call out the weather corresponding exercise. These 6 quick videos are all less than 3 minutes and they should give you quite the workout!

First, make sure you start with a warm-up and lots of dynamic movements to get that body pumping (just pretend I'm in your living room and we're doing the question of the day! "Whose your favorite Sesame Street character?") Also, while you are completing these exercises make sure you modify to meet your own intensity level and always feel free to stop, stretch, tap it out and return when its right for you.

Let's get started!

First Time.jpg

Our little ones have first times daily.

They are fearless of firsts. They are excited for firsts.

We encourage them to reach their firsts and then we celebrate their success!



when was your last first?

Although, the more significant question is: when is going to be your next?

a2withkids300x100 ad.jpg