Sarah Feld

- ACE certified Personal Trainer, Stroller Strides Certified
- BA in physical education, Timmermeister School, Münster
- Fitness Instructor in and around Ann Arbor

Sarah is originally from Steinfurt, Germany but has lived in Ann Arbor since 2006. Fitness for Sarah is a passion, not a hobby. She earned her BA in Physical Education with an emphasis on fitness and rehabilitation and worked as an instructor and personal trainer for over ten years until becoming a full-time mom. "I love being active and enjoy many activities like running, yoga, strength training, Pilates, swimming, and biking. I love working out alone and with a group, and I LOVE doing triathlons and long distance races."
Sarah learned about Stroller Strides through an internet promotion when she was pregnant with her first son and was trying to find a way to connect with other moms while maintaining her workout regime: "For me, joining Fit4Mom was wonderful, because it allowed me to bring together my old passion (physical activity) and my new passion (time with my children). I love people, and it is a great way to meet moms with similar interests and schedules."

Sarah lives with her husband Guido and her two sons, Elias and Jonas.

Monday – April 10, 2017

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