7 TIPS to GET YOUR Workout In

Let’s help each other along to get our workouts in!!

There’s plenty of obstacles that prevent us from working out and taking better care of ourselves. Moms of small children--we face even more hurdles, sleepless nights, dishes in the sink, work, social commitments, music class, errands and more. Feel free to add to the list.

During a spin class long ago, someone asked our instructor—“Samantha, how do you do it all?” She was a mom to three children (all under the age of 10). She taught spin, boot camp and yoga at the gym and happily married. she owned her own business (an indoor play area). And even partied with Kid Rock and went to music award shows. With all that, she still would be there to teach class 5-days a week at 9am. But back to the question—“How do you do it all?” I loved loved her answer—“YOU haven’t seen my house.” I interpret that as “something has to give—for her it was housekeeping.”

Granted she is probably the gold standard for fitness and motherhood, but doesn’t mean we can’t try to be there. Her response gave me inspiration to come to workout every morning. I realized having an unkept house wasn’t the end of the world—the dishes would be waiting for me after my hour workout. Pinterest would still be there along with my unmade bed with the crumpled sheets kicked to the floor.

Make a commitment to workout—it makes you feel better when you do. At first it might be tough. If you’re use to pinning the cutest craft activities at 1am, getting up earlier will be tough. You might have to go to be bed before 1am (shocking I know).

Here’s some 7 tips:

1) Be realistic and specific: Determine how many classes you can realistically make in a week. If you work 3-days a week during Stroller Strides classes, it may not realistic that you’ll be able to make it to those classes, but guess what? There are classes offered 6-times a week and Run Club 2-times a week.

2) Let it be known what that goal is Tell someone you goal – the instructors, fellow classmate and/or friends your goal – that you’ll be at all the outdoor classes, three days a week. When you wake up, you’ll know someone is expecting to see you there!

3) Look ahead at obstacles in your schedule and plan for them “Two Saturdays from now, we’re going to Mackinaw Island” you know you won’t make it to your usual Saturday class. You want to consider replace it with a Friday morning before you leave town. Don’t let your excuses become the habit.

4) Have a Plan B and that plan isn’t staying home catching-up on Real Housewives. Common scenario: You were planning to workout BUT Baby is waking up later. Have everything ready to go before the baby wakes up—diaper bag packed, mat, water bottle, snacks, bottle, sippy cup, stroller already AND in the car. So once the baby wakes up , you get her feed, dressed and into the car. AND yes, you will have to stop and change that poopy diaper that happens while you are buckling her into the carseat. AND just for laughs, it will be the blow-out one that requires wardrobe change for both of you! AND yes, you’ll show up late—you may have missed the funniest answers to the warm-up question of the century, but you made it and ready to move along with the group. Join in! You really didn’t miss much. Everyone is glad to see you—don’t you usually get happy hellos from all the wall-sitters?

5) Make your workout a priority as soon as you wake up- It’s best not to think about all the obstacles to prevent you from working out while you are getting out of bed or having your breakfast (Who are we kidding, you’re not eating breakfast! But you should) Thoughts such as: “I need to buy tomatoes and cheese for tonight’s taco dinner” (by the way, that sound yummy) because when you start thinking about those other things on your to-do list, you might talk yourself into thinking it’s more important than your workout. It is not! Get up and get out.

6) Class is for you AND fun for your little one. Would you miss your son’s swimming lesson or music class? Probably not because 1)you paid for it (that’s how I think) 2)it’s something FUN and educational for him. Exercise is for you and our songs and finger play are for the little ones. Treat yourself well, YOU deserves it just as much as your child.

7) Think of your workout as TRAINING. It’s not just exercise. This is training for you to be stronger. Strength for Motherhood (goodness, I’ve heard that somewhere before). This is so you can run and play with her because she’s just going to get faster and you want to be right next to her or at least not too far behind! Show her you’re strong too!

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