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Everyday ABCs & 123s

Our wonderful instructor (and also a blogger) Elise is joining us today to share some wonderful ideas on how she integrated our ABCs & 123s theme into her daily life! Check out her fabulous post then leave her some love in the comments! Enjoy! - JN

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I don't know if it's the back-to-school chill in the air or Jordan's rockin' pinterest board that sparked my energies, but I really loved our ABCs and 123s theme month! We brought the theme home with us this month with a couple of super-simple crafts. Soph is 21 months and a little young yet to be expected to recognize letters, but a few little manipulatives gave us lots to talk about and I loved opening up her world to the basics of numbers and letters!

Our first craft was this fun little deck of number card paint chips from Laurie at Reading Confetti. I just grabbed a fun array of colors and numbered them up with a sharpie. These were bright and attractive to Sophie and we did some counting with them (though her attention span never made it through the whole deck at once!) I love these because they are a great size for the diaper bag and an easy toy to toss in the stroller for during class (especially by taking it a step further and putting them on a ring to flip through.) The inspiration post suggests using a hole punch to punch out the appropriate number of holes for each number in the card and I think that would be lots of fun for little fingers to check out. Another fun option for an older child would be laminating them to allow for tracing of the numbers with a dry erase marker.

ABC 123 number cards 2.jpg

I love this next idea: a collection of letters cut from cereal boxes made by Emily at Play Talk Learn. This was a bit of parallel play for us: me arranging different words or matching up the same letters in different fonts and colors and pointing them out; Soph ignoring me, dumping and refilling the jar, and attempting to eat the letters. (Still learning some hand-eye coordination and sensory skills though!) Our little treasure chest for the letters is a peanut butter jar, which I thought could use some classing up so I modpodged Sophie's name on with magazine letters.

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Our biggest hit this month was really a Mom-spiration: one of our Mamas in class mentioned that she has an alphabet poster in her daughter's room and they do ABCs every night as part of their bedtime routine. I ran right home to pull out this poster which I've had in the back of the closet for a few months because I was thinking Soph wasn't old enough for it. We put this up in her room and it was too successful: we had to move it downstairs because it made bedtime just too exciting! Sophie demands that we sing ABCs multiple times per day now, and after only a week she is chiming in with several of the letters. I just love the idea of making this a part of our daily routine.

ABC 123 letter poster 2.jpg

This month has been great practice at integrating learning into our lives, and starting that repetition of pointing out words, letters, and numbers wherever we see them.

What's your favorite way to integrate ABCs and 123s into your everyday routine?