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February's Couples Challenge

As we embark on February, it’s a month associated with Valentine’s Day. I see lots of Valentine’s Day-hating and I’m always struck by it. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. As a child, my father would leave a card and a small box of heart-shaped box of chocolates and conversational hearts on the dining room table so when I woke-up it would be there. There would be a giant heart-shaped box for my mom. Ever since I’ve gone to school, I’ve send out Valentine’s Day cards. I’ve made them and I’ve bought them. As an adult and a mom, I enjoy making them with my children and have even volunteered in my children’s classroom to make Valentine gift boxes and cards.

For this month FIT4MOM Ann Arbor is having a COUPLES Challenge. I told my husband and he said, “Really? No one likes challenges.” That surprise me as much as people disliking Valentine’s Day! I hope all my kind readers disagree with him.

Not all of us are coupled up. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy doing a couples challenge. I know people whose children are the love of their lives and navigating this world together. This challenge is something they can do with them. Nothing in this challenging is blush-worthy. It’s rated-G! It’s about connecting and finding the time to be together.

Day One Challenge is to share a kiss and embrace each other for at least one-minute. Research has shown that hugging reduces stress and releases endorphins, which in turns makes us happy. Add some happiness and stress-release in your day.

Part of the challenge is posting it on our instagram or facebook page. We want others to know that 1)you are up for the challenge 2)you share love 3)it’s just fun.

Use hashtag #a2couplecontest and #fit4mom_ann_arbor

Prove my husband wrong and win some great prizes!! Couples massage, boxing classes, gift card for