FIT4MOM of Ann Arbor sponsor for First Steps Kid Fest

What a treat that FIT4OM of Ann Arbor is a sponsor for FIRST STEPS Kid Fest this year!

Many of our FIT4MOM of Ann Arbor families participate in FIRST STEPS programs.

My personal story is when Chase was an infant around 4-months-old (he's now 10-years old, as of this writing) he would go with Scott for "JUST FOR DADS" on Thursday evenings. I recalled Scott initially resisting and saying (paraphrasing here), "We don't do anything there. Chase lies on the blanket doing tummy-time, I could do that at home with him."

My response was that Scott needed to meet other dads (fortunately, I had already a network of mom friends) and he needed to know what it was like to take the baby out on his own. Carry the diaper bag, buckling baby in the carseat, change a blow-out diaper in a public restroom, soothing a fussy baby in public, learn songs and really just be with Chase on his own. This also gave me about 2-hours to myself one evening a week. I was doing baby groups with Chase during the day and as I mentioned, I had already had a network of mom-friends.

Scott continued "Just For Dads" for nearly 8-years (off and on). After Lottie was born (she's now 7-years-old), he took both kids there.

As the Director of Operations for FIT4MOM of Ann Arbor and parent, I'm proud to participate in First Steps Kid Fest because our mission is similar, which is about support for children and families.

Check out detailed information of KID FEST here.

This event is Saturday, March 14 from 4:00-5:00pm

Forsythe Middle School Auditorium

Advance prices: $5/kids; $10/adults; $35/family. At the door prices (cash or check only): $8/kids; $12/adults BUY NOW for single tickets or family tickets.

Can't wait for this community event that all my kids can attend and seeing familiar families and meeting new ones!