I Shape Me

In researching our Shapes & Me theme for the month I came across the simple little mantra "I shape me." Sometimes when my little one has me frazzled or things just aren't going my way, it's a great little reminder for me that I'm in control. It's definitely something I'm always trying to model for my toddler: my reactions and my attitude is always in my jurisdiction. (It's certainly a work-in-progress.)

I'm also excited to share that "I shape me" is going to be one of the first mantras of our inaugural Body Back session that we are launching this October. It's a nice reminder that the experience is going be what you put into it. Personally, as your instructor, I can't wait to give it 110%! I'm so excited to share this new offering in Ann Arbor and shape ourselves together this session.

In Stroller Strides this month we will be exploring all of the shapes that make up our little ones worlds. We'll be singing about round pumpkins, reading some rectangular books, and crafting with some felt triangles. We'll also be exploring the abstract: "the shape of lips, the shape of ships. The shape of water when it drips." This Wednesday, we'll be exploring the shapes of raspberries and in a few weeks, our mamas will be exploring the shapes of wine at our Moms Night Out: Wine Tasting event. We'll also take a stab at exploring the shapes of zombies!

I'm looking forward to exploring shapes, ourselves, and the world around us with you this month. Cheers!