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So heads up, I'm about to get real personal on this page, I hope your able to bear with me through my light bulb moment…

About a month ago I used the d-word in front of my son, (rhymes with ram.) In my defense, our dog decided to roll around in another dog's poop and was literally covered; I guess I could have used worse words. However, immediately after the d-word left my mouth my son started repeating it. Ouch.

It made me wonder what my son is picking up from me inadvertently. I had been hoping it was his pleases and thank yous but when I heard him say "um" the other day in response to a question, I realized he got that from me. However, this incident got me thinking: what am I indirectly teaching my son about who we are and what we value.

A few months ago I was inspired by a friend's post, in which, she made a conscious decision about something that she wanted to teach her daughter and I realized, I need to do this for my son - now. He was just a baby like 2 seconds ago, but as he's suddenly morphed into this emotional human being I quickly realized now is the time to teach him our values. I want what he mimics of us to be things of importance. I want to teach and give him experiences that will allow him to learn a soft set of skills: listening, keeping an open mind, kindness, gratitude, respect and real true love for himself, others, and this earth.

While he might pick up these soft skills and values just be modeling my husband and I, I realized I wanted to make a purposeful attempt to identify and focus on our values and beliefs. I want us to be able to communicate on the same front why something is wrong and other things are right. At one point in time, maybe this was inherent but the reality is that right now we have the ability to choose what we want reflected in our children.

I challenge you this month to sit down with the main influences in your child's life (spouse, grandparents, nanny, etc) and write a list of your values that you want to impart in your children. Post it where you can see it. Make the conscious decision to model this for your little ones. They might be little now but they are creating habits that they will carry through life.

One of the things we all have in common and that we model every day is health and fitness. You show your little ones how much you care for yourself by making a commitment to be active each day and by making healthy food choices. The workout that you complete in class isn't just for you, it's showing your little ones that you value exercise, that you can work hard, that you can have fun and be silly, that sweating is a great thing, and that you value strength.

This month in class we are going to be modeling and teaching our ABCs & 123s through songs, crafts, and games. For our littlest ones, don't forget that research shows that singing to your infant has scientific benefits! Sing loud! Count loud! Have fun! Join us on our ABCs & 123s theme board for inspiration for at-home activities to engage your child and for some fun busy bag ideas to throw in your stroller for this month.

I'm looking forward to singing, dancing, modeling, and learning from you and our little ones this month!

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