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In the Name of Love

Motherhood has a lot of moments to love: smiles, laughs, and snuggles are just a few of my favorite. But sometimes there are also an equal amount of moments that are pretty unlovable… like getting peed on? Or holding out a hand to get coughed/drooled/spit-up into? We've all been there, and yet, for our little ones we bear through it!

This month we'll be sharing and celebrating some LOVE for all the moments that motherhood throws at us and we'll be doing it together: at class, during our online 10k Step Challenge, at our monthly Moms Night Out and during our Valentine's Day Family class. We've got so many fun contests and delicious activities to join in on this month with our 5 Senses Theme and we can't wait for you to join us!

You can catch up on the highlights by checking out our February newsletter and the calendar below, head over to our website to RSVP for some classes (your first is always free)...

THEN leave us a comment below: what's the grossest thing you've done in the name of love for your little one? (and also feel free to share your favorite part of motherhood too!)