New Years Resolution Maker?

Happy 2016!

Turning the calendar page to the new year always makes us think of new year’s resolutions. Like most things in my life, I struggle with should I do it or shouldn’t I? I don’t have a SET resolution. I know there are things I want to achieve in the new year but that’s actually something I work on daily. In the grand scheme I am healthier physically, emotionally, and mentality. Surprisingly looking at the top 10 things on broken New YEAR’s Resolutions, I feel like I’ve GOT it under control.

Here’s the top 10 new years resolution. If any of the top 7 are on YOUR LIST, then FIT4MOM Ann Arbor can help you achieve your goals. Really, we are a fitness program and we also offer Body Back that is specially designed and university tested to lose weight and be more fit (#1 & #3). Trying any of our classes is learning something new (#2)— coming to our playdates, Moms Night Out, you will gain some knowledge (like Eve-Marie can bake/make gingerbread houses like it’s nobody’s business) and be less stressed (#5). Being healthy, building strength reduces medical cost and saves you money(#7)— plus the membership allows you to workout 6 days a week. Workouts and playdates allows you to be with your child (#4). While it’s not technically volunteering, we are involved in at least 3 organized races that raise money for charity. We have an annual team for the March of Dimes Walk for Babies that we raise money. Each month while we are at Wide World Sport Center, we donate the rental money to charity.

1. lose weight and get fit

2. learn something new

3. eat healthier and diet

4. spend more time with family

5. be less stressed

6. volunteer

7. get out of debt and save money

8. travel to new places

9. quit smoking

10. organize

Wishing you a Happy 2016 and look forward to seeing you in class!