Plankful Nov13 w.jpg


Every November brings the intention of being thankful, but sometimes its really hard to count blessings when baby has caught that first seasonal bug: you haven't slept in three days and you possibly smell like… spit-up. You are busy multitasking mamas! We've crafted the ultimate mind-body experience for you: Plankful November. At the end of each class this month we'll pair 1 minute of a different style of plank with a thankful meditation. It's going be glorious!

We've also got a whole lot of other fun stuff coming down the pike for our Fall Harvest theme this month. As always, check out our calendar below for info on our Stroller Strides classes and our Plum Moms Club events, and then go take a peek at our pinterest board for entertaining fall harvest ideas to tie in our theme when your at home.