Run Mama Run

Running has become a bit of a focus for me this week. We recently had Ann Arbor Running Company’s Nick Stanko meet our mamas to help us with gait and stride tips. We are in week 3 of a 4-week summer run training session. We will finish our training with Probility’s Beat the Heat 5K and many of our children (ages 3 to 9) will do the kid’s 1/4-mile run that ends in a water arch. That sounds cool (& refreshing).

Whenever people ask me “how can you run with a stroller?” or say “I hate running with a stroller” for some reason Team Hoyt pops into my head. They aren’t stroller running but Dick pushes his grown son, Rick Hoyt, in a wheelchair (since 1977) doing the various runs, which includes Ironman Triathlon and many marathons. If you don’t know Team Hoyt, check out their video clip from 2007 and their website It makes me think of the mama who said, “that’s our thing” about stroller running. The idea of physically pushing your child while you run isn’t a burden but part of the whole experience. The run isn’t just about the one pushing the stroller, it’s also for the one in the stroller. They get to cross the finish line and all the miles of training, they get to be part of excitement of race day.

This all ties back into FIT4MOM mission of raising healthy children. We lead by example. Engage your children into your fitness.

Stride On!