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Sail Together

After the birth of my son I quickly discovered that there is lot of stormy weather that comes with your adorable bundle of joy: late nights, no sleep, crying (baby & me), teething, feeding, and it goes on. Sure, there are some quiet waters but man that stormy weather can be HARD! Yet, I found that what hurt even more than all the stormy weather was being stuck at home and not having "things" to do and adult conversation. The stormy weather will pass (and be forgotten), but it's motherhood in isolation that will really sink the ship.

What helped me the most as I made this transition was the mama friends I made. (During my first 6 weeks, joining this moms group was a LIFESAVER.) Having a friend to complain about the woes of nursing, to watch a little one when you need a break, or bring a meal to a new mama - it will truly keep you afloat. (Seriously, thank you!)

At FIT4MOM we believe that NO mom should go it alone.

If you're not in our FREE Plum Mom's group yet, do it. Then, come out to an event; we're fun, I promise! Come take a class, (your first one is free!) It's worth a try!

We've always got a lot of fun stuff going on, and this month is no exception: we will be crafting ocean creatures, playing with water in class, going canoeing, holding a family water class for dads to join, and so much more. Check out the calendar below for all the details.