Shoes to Fill

So there are some big shoes I’m stepping into. I will stumble and my walk won’t be the same, but my vision is much like Jordan’s—empowering the mamas who come to a Stroller Strides class, a craft, a playgroup or a mom’s night out. This is a place where we meet you where you are physically and in motherhood. We are a community of first time moms and seasoned moms all trying to make each day better for our children and family, for our community and for ourselves.

I thank the 30-something-year-old whipper-snapper (this word makes me sound like I’m about 100-years-old) who inspires me each day with her warmth, her discipline and sometimes even her naivete for creating this lovely community. The group I like being part of and much like my children, can’t imagine life without it. Each day I want to share this community with others and I hope you feel the same.