Taking It In

This morning I was feeling guilty for missing a Stroller Strides Class. I love the instructor and her classes, then again I love all of our instructors, I trust them with my physical body in the exercises and workouts they create and I trust them with my heart. That’s pretty big stuff. My toddler loves his friends in class. So for me to skip a class is somewhat laden with guilt. Today my older kids were home from school because in our district the public schools are used as polling areas. My children are getting older (as my husband pointed out, “we all are getting older” he’s so wise.) and I’m close to becoming that person at Target or the grocery store that sees a mom and baby and says wistfully, “Enjoy it, it goes by so quickly. I have a 10 and 7 year-old and it feels like only yesterday when they were that tiny.” Then I would probably get the evil-eye from that sleep-deprived mama. As one of my mom-friends said, “We still have the filter not to say that but one day that filter is going to be gone.” She’s also wise.

Rarely do we get a chance not to have school in the middle of the week. We went out for breakfast, walked around downtown, voted, went to the library. If it were warmer or if they didn’t already have a pumpkin-buckets filled with candy there might have been a stop for ice cream or cupcakes. They do grow-up quickly and I was able to just breathe them in today and was able to let go of the guilt. Plus, I knew I would have a class tomorrow morning full of friends for me and my toddler.

Stride On Mamas!