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Why I Run

This is my running motto- I RUN BECAUSE I CAN. Those who know me, know I really don’t like to run. Yup! That’s true. When I tell people I don’t like to run the question comes, “so WHY do you run?” I do it because I physically CAN do it. My girlfriend Carol had stumbled from a few steps of her mother-in-law’s porch— so badly that it shattered the bones in her ankle and foot (the doctor said he's only seen cases like that in car accident. eweeee-oweeee!) and she was in wheelchair and rehab for months! She worked so hard to gain mobility and strength to walk again! Even after recovery, one of the things she is NOT able to do is run. That was the real game-changer for me. I thought long and hard, what if I couldn’t run anymore. I also had two friends injured (one from hip pain and another from bursitis) and weren’t able to run for nearly a year. Running is something I don't like to do but the idea of not being able to just run is hard to comprehend. So each time I run, I say, “I run because I can” since I have no physical impediment.

The other thing I say when I’m trying to talk myself out of getting out the door for a run. “This is what I do. This is who I am. I run because I can"

That is your WHY?

We are wrapping up our Charity Miles Marathon Challenge this month. Thank you to all that participated on our F4MAnnArbor Team. Consider installing and running the Charity Miles app on your phone. It's FREE and every mile that you walk or run, money will be donated to the charity of your choice. If you are shy, it only posts your miles not your speed. (It will give you a summary of your walk/run but it won't be shared to the team). Help those charities earn money by doing something you enjoy doing and in my case, because I CAN.