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A Fall to Remember

To say that I love the fall and everything associated with it, is an understatement. It is a time of year when the weather finally cools down and my inner child pops out at full force! There were plenty of fall firsts for me during my second year in Michigan, and I wanted to share some of them with you.


1. Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village

This is located in Dearborn, Michigan at The Henry Ford Museum. We opted to also go to the Fairytale Feast, which included staff members dressed in Alice in Wonderland themed costumes and a buffet. Our table was decked out with reproductions of vintage Beistle Halloween decorations and plates that we were able to take home. Once our meal was done, we were able to grab some hot cider and head to the Halloween path. We went during the second weekend in October, so the weather was brisk, but not too cold. Greenfield Village was themed for the Wizard of Oz, which spooked out my daughter Pearl. The witches were very realistic, but in all honesty, the Flying Monkeys were the scariest (they were back then and still are!). The kids got some premature trick-or-treating done and the adults were able to enjoy the sights and the illuminations of hundreds of Jack O-Lanterns. It was pretty groovy.


2. Zombie 5k Run

In the past when asked if I would participate in a 5k run, I would pretty much laugh and think the question was a joke. My enrollment in the Body Back program in late September coincided with the registration of the Nichols Arboretum Zombie Run, so I signed up! What better way to kick my butt into gear and get me moving? Although it wasn’t my best time, and I definitely could have been more disciplined, I had fun and almost ran out of my shoes a few times dodging zombies!

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2. Spooky Inspired Crafts

I always loved making crafts with Pearl, but since I’ve been in charge of these activities for Fit4Mom, I have been even more inspired to create fun and easy DIY crafts with my family. From Candy Corn footprints to Mosaic Jack-o-lanterns, there are a plethora of resources for any age or ability level. In addition to the crafts you may have seen during our Fit4mom craft days, Pearl and I purchased a plastic pumpkin at Michaels and used a pumpkin decorating kit. We now have a pumpkin to reuse every year that won’t attract the bugs. Another activity we found to be cool, if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, was creating our very own slime! It was as simple as mixing Elmer’s Glue with food coloring and then adding baking soda and contact lens solution. Finally, I was excited that Trader Joe’s was carrying a “Haunted House Chocolate Cookie Kit” and scooped one up early. If you want your house pristine, they recommend you put the icing on the cookies and let it set to erect the house but seriously, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I would think long and hard about eating the house too. Some of the cookies can get a bit stale, and I grabbed a black jellybean thinking it was grape-flavored. Yeck!


4. Making Halloween Treats with Freshly Picked Apples

Months ago, Pearl showed me a YouTube video on how to make Spiderman candy apples. Typically, I would say, “Yes, we will TOTALLY make those this Halloween” and avoid actually making them, but this year we went apple picking! Two weeks ago, we packed up and headed to Wasems Fruit Farm, which is located at 6580 Judd Rd in Milan. After our exciting apple adventure, we decided to make the candy apples with the surplus of apples we picked. The apples held up on their own for a good half an hour after I dipped and put the web icing on, but the red candy did not set, and we ended up with some pretty sad Spidermen. If you’re into culinary projects and testing your baking skills, I say go for it, but maybe get a candy thermometer first.