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Color Run with Babies/Little Kids

I took my son, Neil, to the Color Run twice. He and our stroller came through the run just fine each time. At the Color Runs, there are stations every kilometer where the runners are doused with a single color of the color dust. At the end, everyone receives a color packet to throw in the air in a big colorful dance party if they wish.

At our first Color Run in 2013, my son was 18 months old. Since most of the color dust was in a cloud surrounding the stations, I just put his rain shield down whenever we approached and went through the color station. The people squirting the color dust out of bottles did not go out of their way to squirt color on the stroller runners, so you could easily avoid a lot of color dust if you wanted. There wasn’t much color dust between the color stations. Neil fell asleep midway through the 2013 run, so I kept his rain shield down most of the time anyway.

In 2014, my son was 2.5 years old, awake and really enjoyed the run. It seemed like the color stations were a bit more controlled that year. I had to actually ask the color sprayers to spray us with some color. There was confetti flying at the Finish, which Neil really enjoyed. There was a big cloud of color dust at the finish dance party, which we watched from afar, so as to avoid the dust and speakers.

At the end, there are people with leaf blowers to blow the color dust off people. It works well, but the downside is the noise from the blowers. I covered the fabric parts of my stroller with a plastic bag the first time, but I didn’t bother the second time. Both times, I had no trouble getting the color off of the stroller. However, if the fabric of your stroller is a finer weave or lighter color, you might want to tape plastic over those parts of your stroller, just in case.

I am taking Neil again this year at his request!

Karen is mom to Neil and an experience stroller running Color Run participant.

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Color Run 2013

Neil sleeping in a wrapped stroller during 2013 Color Run

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Color Run 2014

Neil & mom, Karen Color Run 2014