Fitting in FIT4MOM When it Feels Impossible

When I talk to other moms about attending FIT4MOM Stroller Strides with me, they will typically say that it's during nap time for their child or children. My typical response is, "That's not a problem at all; they can nap IN the stroller." To no avail, the moms choose to stay at home with their sleeping babes. It's pretty easy to find an excuse not to do something.

When it comes to working out, I could ALWAYS find an excuse. However, when I moved here almost four months ago, I made a promise that I would not just sit around moping in front of the television all day. As a new mom, I felt it was really important to not only eat well but also exercise. Aubrey doesn't grasp much at the moment, but when she does get a bit older, it is a necessity to see the importance of treating your body right. In an effort to encourage those of you to embrace those excuses and get yourselves to class, here are the top 10 excuses I've heard as to why moms can't make it to Stroller Strides and then some reasons why these shouldn’t stop you from coming by and taking a class!

10. “My pediatrician told me my baby can't sleep in the car seat, so I'll wait until he's older and can interact more.”

Great news! The class is only an hour, so if your baby does fall asleep, he/she won't be in the car seat for too long! I'm pretty sure sleeping in the car seat is a no no only if you're not watching baby, which you'll be able to do with your stroller right with you!

9. “My pelvic floor is destroyed. I should wait a while longer.”

While you may be also doing some physical therapy for pelvic floor issues, FIT4MOM incorporates base moves that every mama can do! If you want the challenge, there are more difficult options for the various exercises in the class. Every instructor is trained to be aware of exercises that should and should not be done by mamas who have experienced varying levels of trauma during their pregnancies and/or deliveries, and we're always encouraging mamas to take class at their own pace and take breaks as needed.

8. “I'm so out of shape. I haven't worked out in a long time.”

There are modifications for just about every exercise we perform. This is a perfectly paced class that will give you the opportunity to do something great for your body while meeting amazing women!

7. “My baby wakes up multiple times per night, and I'm exhausted.”

You're not the only one, mama! Sometimes it's nice to be able to interact with other women who are sleep deprived as well! Exercise and bonding time with other mamas is a recipe for rejuvenation! Some may even have helpful suggestions for getting your Little to sleep more! FIT4MOM is a village, and we always have your back!

6. “I don't know anyone. What if I don't fit in?”

We are a super welcoming group! I know it's easy to write that, but after coming to Michigan with no family or friends, I was looking for a support system. With FIT4MOM, I found so many wonderful women who are open and friendly! We also have mom get togethers outside of class, so you can bond with us without the kiddos too!

5. “I want to exercise outside.”

Listen, I do too, but Michigan doesn't always give us the best opportunities to do so. We have two great indoor locations that give the kiddos a chance to play before or after class and burn off some energy!

4. “My child could never stay in his/her stroller for the entire class.”

You never know until you try! We incorporate songs and some interactive play into our classes so that babies and young children alike can maintain sanity in their strollers. It might be a struggle the first few times, but your child will learn that mama works out for an hour and then it’s playtime afterwards! Plus, we’re all moms, we get it. Sometimes our kids have rough days. No one’s going to judge you if your kid is fussy; we’ve all been there. Some moms choose to wear their child in a carrier on those REALLY fussy days.

3. “I don't have a jogging stroller.”

You absolutely don't have to have the fanciest stroller to join. You want to bring the stroller that you feel will be the most comfortable for your kiddo. It's also probably best for baby to be in his/her car seat until he/she has strong neck control. You can also wear your child in a carrier if you're more comfortable with that!

2. “I work during the week, so I can't make the classes.”

Lucky for you we have a Saturday class, and once the weather gets nice again, we have classes two nights a week!

1. “Five bras won't contain my boobs. I think I'll wait until after I'm done breastfeeding.”

Those jumping jacks were always my worst nightmare in gym class, BUT we have modifications just for that issue! Wearing multiple bras can help contain you and various levels of the workouts will help to ensure you don't cause yourself any unnecessary damage.

My challenge to you is to set TWO simple goals for yourself as far as exercise is concerned. For example, my goals were to attend three Stroller Strides classes per week (sign up for the classes and put them on a calendar so I commit to them!) and go for one walk with Aubrey per week. Do something for YOU and why not set a great example for your baby at the same time! Next time you even THINK about making one of these excuses a reason for you not to come to FIT4MOM, DON’T!!! No more excuses! It’s time to do something for YOU!