How much do we sacrifice

Sometimes I hear this, especially when a mom stops working and the household is a single income household.

“We can’t afford it”

Sometimes the wife/partner takes it upon herself to find areas to save money. She’ll look to save it by skipping that fitness membership. “Saying things like walking is free, I can do that.”

Sometimes as moms and no longer income earners in our household, we take it upon ourselves to eliminate what can help us be healthier, stronger, more connected moms. FIT4MOM isn’t just fitness that we provide, we provide community. For the cost of membership we provide an awesome workout (just try us, you might be sore the next day), your children will have playmates, after every class is a playdate (it’s not on the schedule but that’s what we do—grab a coffee after our workout and the kids play. If you have a baby, you’re just drinking coffee and chatting). There is a weekly craft. Yup, you don’t have to buy a bunch of stuff, our playgroup captain gets everything prepped and ready. (We know you’ve been meaning to make that footprint card for grandma.) Then there’s the monthly Moms Night Out! It’s where we get to recharge from motherhood, try new places, old haunts, and just have fun.

Make it a family discussion and see that you CAN afford it!

TRUE TRUE story, one of our moms cancelled her membership—to help with the household budget. She didn’t tell her husband. At some point it came up and her husband was “upset” that she did that. He said, “is that why you’ve been so grumpy these past months? Let me reactivate your membership. You need it. It’s good for you. It makes you happy.”

You’ll be surprised. Just like you want the best for your family, likely chance so does your husband/partner.