How to Make it to Weeknight Stroller Strides (Working Mom Edition)

I found FIT4MOM when my son David was about six months old and immediately regretted that I hadn’t found the group sooner. I loved the workouts, but the biggest win for me was the incredible network of mom friends I feel like I made almost instantly. Fast forward about two years and I can’t even begin to put into words how much FIT4MOM has shaped me as a mom - and continues to do so! The biggest downside as a working mom is that I can only make it to class on Saturdays - until now! Weeknight Stroller Strides classes are now being offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm at County Farm Park, and I’m here to tell you that you should join us - especially if you’re a working mom.

In some ways, night classes are even harder to make it to than a regular workout. They come at the end of your incredibly hectic day, when you’re tired, stressed, and just ready for a break. You have to figure out dinner on the go for your kiddo, and you’re out a little later than your normal routine allows.

With that said, here are my tips for how you can make weeknight classes a part of your regular routine and feel better for it!


Put it on your calendar.

We somehow manage to juggle conference calls and staff meetings and doctor’s appointments, but fast forward to the end of the day and it is so much easier to just turn off your brain and collapse on the couch. Don’t do it! This is your time, mama, and putting it on the calendar helps keep you accountable to yourself and keeps that “me” time sacred. When I treat my workout as a meeting that I can’t cancel, it gets me out the door every single time.


Find your groove.

Come up with a specific routine that gets you to Stroller Strides. Throw your workout clothes in a bag and change into them on your way out of the office. Have your stroller, bands, water bottle in the car so you can go straight from daycare to class. Pack your kid’s dinner along with your lunch. Stick to foods that are portable and easy to eat cold (or easy to heat up if you’re one of the lucky moms who work from home). David gets a grilled cheese sandwich, mixed veggies, and Goldfish for dinner twice a week - he’s never complained and it keeps him occupied while I’m doing squats.

If it works with your schedule (I’ve found that the 6:30 start time is perfect for this), plan to arrive a little early so your little one can get some playtime in before he or she gets buckled into the stroller.


Focus on the outcome.

No matter how hard it is to get there, there’s no doubt you’re going to leave Stroller Strides feeling better than you did when you arrived. Nine times out of ten I show up at class with high blood pressure, annoyed at the outcome of a meeting or stressed about a project that’s behind schedule - and by the end of class I feel a little more in control of my life again. As we all know, exercise does wonders for our mood - but so does venting and getting your frustration out to a group of supportive mamas who totally understand

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Take time to adjust.

Be flexible with bedtime. Give your kid a chance to adjust to potentially getting to bed a few minutes later than usual. I realize I am only one mom, but I can say that David never seems affected by getting home later on Tuesday and Thursday nights. And if you try it and decide the later bedtime isn’t working for your little one, leave them at home with your partner and come solo (and be even more relaxed)!

So there you have it. I will say I struggled last year - there were days I just did not want to make the effort - but following the tips above helped me to attend every night class offered last summer, and it always turned out to be the best part of my week. As the saying goes,

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