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At FIT4MOM Ann Arbor, we believe that it's important to give back and support the local community where we live, work, and our kids go to school.

That's why starting this month, we'll be hosting a Moms4Charity specialty class every month and collect donations on behalf of a local charity. These specialty classes and their charities will tie into our monthly themes. This month's theme was water, so we hosted a special water themed class where we collected donations for the Flint Water Fund. We had a great turnout, and raised over $50, which FIT4MOM Ann Arbor is matching, for a total donation of over $100.

There's so many worthy causes close to our hearts, and we want to pay it forward. Instead of paying us a drop-in rate, instead, make a donation to a good cause. Come work out with us for free, and make a monetary or tangible donation that works for your lifestyle. It feels good to work out your bodies and work on making our community a better place.

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Working our core while getting splashed as we passed these soaked water balls!

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These ladies had to get creative as they carried a water balloon back to their strollers while still grabbing a crab-walk.