Most Important Rule of All

We like to keep Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre a safe and happy place so we've got a couple of quick guidelines that we like to follow at all our locations to be consistent and keep everyone in good spirits.

1. Cleanliness is friendliness! Pick up after your babies or help a mama out and lend a hand by picking-up fallen snacks and wrappers. It's easier to pick up a goldfish cracker before it's rolled over by a stroller.

2. Be aware of others around you. When stopped at a station or at a cardio burst break, listen to the instructor on keeping a tight formation and stay close to any nearby walls. Instructors will cue you how she wants you and your stroller situated. This allows walkers, bikers, etc to move easily around us and allows all mamas to see what's going on. Stay in a single/double line when walking. Additionally, if passing walkers or other mamas, call out "passing left/right."

3. If high impact cardio is not an option, make sure you push yourselves with your walk - our cardio intervals are designed to torch calories by raising and lowering your heart rate - so take advantage!

4. Keep children in strollers at all times. A roaming child could potentially be injured by a snapping exercise tube, a kicking mama, or a moving stroller; especially if mom is distracted by the exercise she is performing. It only takes one child out of the stroller to set off a chorus of screams from the other children. All kids like to test boundaries and if you let them out once, they will forever be testing you to see if you will do it again. You want to be consistent in how you communicate and what are the rules. For your child's safety and your peace of mind, please adhere to our national policy and assure him/her that she can get out after our last and most important stretch – a smile! Bad days do happen and the care of your child is of the upmost importance, if you do have to let your child out and are unable to hold them, give yourself permission to excuse yourself from class for the day and try again the next. If you want to wear your baby in a carrier, that is an option. Instructors can give you modifications.

5. Unforeseen stops will happen! All diapers must be changed in restrooms. Mamas who need to feed wee little ones can find a comfy spot anywhere! If your able to give your instructor a heads up, she can give you instructions on where to meet back with the group if you get separated.

6. Please do not allow your baby or toddler to play with or chew on resistance bands, these are not toys and can cause injury if used improperly.

Oh, and the most important rule of all? Obviously, it's that the most important stretch is a smile! Hug those little ones tight and we'll see you in class!