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Moving During a Pandemic

Over the course of the next month, we will share a series of experiences we had during the Coronavirus pandemic. This first one is my experience moving. We were lucky enough to move in July, so not right when the shutdown was at its worst, but the changes to seeing other homes and dealing with all that comes with that in the current situation was wild.

My husband and I decided that it was time to move to a little bigger space. We thought about this before, but it became blatantly obvious that we needed to expand after we spent four months in our small condo together. The only outdoor space my daughter had was a tiny balcony where we put a small blow up pool and garden table. I am very much a city girl when it comes to the outdoors, so staying inside doesn’t necessarily bother me, but I realized that when we would bring my daughter near any patch of grass, she would flinch. I decided she needed a more open space and some exposure to actual grass. This is where the hunt began.

We started looking on our own at first and attempted to contact various landlords and realtors with no luck at all. We decided to contact our previous realtor who helped us to get showings at the houses that piqued our interest. We were very lucky that she was so accommodating and did whatever she could to get additional pictures, videos, and showings (when the houses were empty). My husband and I wouldn’t go into the houses together because we didn’t want our daughter in the space. I would go and then he would go and we would discuss the nuances we loved and hated. Sometimes when we made a decision on a house, it was gone. If we loved a house and applied quickly, we would still lose it due to other formalities. We were about to give up when a house close to our neighborhood surfaced. We headed to the house with our masks and gloves, loved the community and home, and applied quickly.

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We started packing. This is probably the worst part of moving. Looking at items that I haven’t seen in the two years since we moved to Ann Arbor is obviously an issue. So, we decided to gather all of our unwanted clothes and items and donate them. Moving day came pretty quickly, and we were surprised when our movers showed up without any personal protective equipment (PPE). We were hit with a myriad of excuses why masks, gloves, and booties were not going to work for them, but eventually (after I made a trip to the Meijer to buy masks) they put the masks on and scrubbed their hands. They moved in and out at a fairly rapid pace, but It was very odd to have people around us, especially ones we didn’t know. We have kept ourselves pretty cooped up and have carefully planned everything for the past few months, and it was a bit unsettling for people to be in our house who seemingly do not take the virus as seriously as we do. Nonetheless, everything was moved in, and we were able to get the rest of our floating boxes into our house.

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It will probably take us another four months to sort and unpack everything we packed, but at least we have the option to unpack in the grass if we want.

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