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My Body Back Transformation

Eight years ago I had a baby. I’m a very social person and having a newborn was super isolating for me, even though I have a huge support system and many friends and family members having babies. Being home all day with someone who can’t talk to you is so hard. When my daughter was three months old, I attended my first Stroller Strides class. I had found my village.

At first I came just for that. I would use the green bands, socialize my way through class, and drink the biggest most whip cream filled drink at Starbucks after.


Something changed after the birth of my second and I started to see myself differently. I wanted to win a competition we had amongst us mamas and things got pretty intense. I realized I have a competitive side and started to work harder during classes. Our owner at the time approached me and asked if I wanted to instruct. My first thought was “why on earth would I want to do that?” and then my second thought was “why not?” I started studying for my national certification and working on all the ins and outs needed to instruct. It was a long journey that took about six months. During that time, a new instructor moved from California and started teaching Stroller Strides. They had offered a program at her franchises called Body Back. A transformative, progress-based program that includes high intensity workouts, nutrition help and accountability. We decided to run an 8-week-session and I signed up.

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Never had I seen myself as an athlete before this moment. I ran my first timed mile ever. I found out how strong I was and how strong I could be. The group of mamas and the instructor all worked together to make it the most intense but most rewarding 8 weeks of my life. It was hard and I had to work for it but it was amazing. I shaved two minutes off my mile time, I added two minutes to my plank time, but more importantly I felt like a new person. Someone who could do anything she wanted. Someone who had given her body twice to grow her children and now embraced that body. I no longer looked at myself and saw what I lost from becoming a mother, I saw what I had gained.


I lived off my Body Back high for months. I even did a “boost” which was an extended version of just the workouts. I was hooked. After I started instructing Stroller Strides a couple months later, I vowed I would one day become a Body Back instructor. Fast forward five years and two babies later I’m finally in the position and have the certifications to teach Body Back. You guys, I am so excited. I want everyone to be able to feel that same amazing feeling I got when we succeeded as a group. The accountability. The workouts. The nutrition help. It gave me the courage and all I needed to love myself and find that fire I didn’t know I had.


If you’re ready to take that leap with me, I’m ready for you.

Body Back. August 2019. Join me.

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