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Staying Cool in the Heat of Summer

As the weather is getting hotter and hotter, we need to spend time outside while also staying cool. Whether it's a cold beverage, a stylish hat, or some good old fashioned water play, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to keep the family cool.


Car Wash

The best part of an at home car wash is the free manual labor. If you don't have a big car to wash (or don't want to deal with the liability), bust out a ride on toy or cozy coupe! This also works for ANYTHING. Need that deck furniture washed? Let them tackle it!

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The bigger the better. Might as well dress them this way while they still let us! Bonus, it'll keep them cool AND protect their faces from the sun!

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DIY Water slide

Turn any slide into water fun!

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Hiking to and in water

Find a trail that leads to water! Bonus points if you can actually WALK into the water!

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Splash in the River

Did you know that our very own Island Park in Ann Arbor is a safe, shallow AND shaded place to play in the Huron River? Check it out the next time it's scorching out!

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Will it float? Pick various items and have your little ones guess if it'll float or sink. Then try it out! Do watermelons float?! You'll have to try it yourself to find out!

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Water Table

Short on space or have a very tiny one? Bust out a water table! Throw some sensory toys in there and it will keep the little ones busy for hours.

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Treasure Hunts

Find some tokens or beads or buttons and "hide" them around the yard. Hide them in the sprinkler path or in the kiddie pool and watch the little ones collect them.

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Splashing around in the blow up tub

Don't have a kiddie pool? No problem! Dust off that infant bath tub or get out a storage container! Anything that'll hold water will provide endless hours of entertainment!

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Water your kids while watering the garden

Make a game of it. A drink of water for the plants, a drink of water for the kids. Too lazy to sit and spray your kids? Just set up the sprinkler and let them run through it while watering your garden.

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Have the ice cream truck stop by

Did you know most ice cream trucks can be summoned? With modern technology, sometimes all it takes is a click on your phone! Our personal favorite is the Kona Ice truck!

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Make rootbeer floats

Make your own root beer floats at home after a long day of playing in the sun! Turn it into an evening! Make floats, pop some popcorn and put on a family movie!


Enjoy some post-bedtime beverages

Enjoy a socially distanced ice cold beverage with a neighbor or friend after the little ones are in bed.

What are some of the best ways that you and your family stay cool in this Michigan heat?