Surviving Back to School

Hello mamas! Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to head back to school. I by no means consider myself an expert but I do have an incoming third grader. As I always tell my kids, practice is how you get good at things so here I am.

Here's a few tips:

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1. Take a couple weeks to slowly get yourself back into the rhythm of school. Start going to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I like to start planning things early in my day so that we actually practice getting up and out of the house.


2. Talk to your kids about how they feel heading back (or going for the first time!) Sometimes they are putting on a face but when asked directly they have strong feelings. We read lots of books and attended the “meet the teacher” days and toured the school. Anything you can do to take any anxiety out of it.


3. Get school lunches on your radar. My kids love the lunches provided by the school and I do use them when I need to. However, the kids get such a short lunch that I’d prefer they get right to the eating part. A bento box style is easiest for me to just throw something together. I’m already hoarding goldfish and yogurt tubes in preparation.


4. Get a copy of the school calendar. I’ve been burned many times with the random half days and no school election days so now I have the calendar printed and hanging in my kitchen. That way, no surprises.


5. Back-to-school is usually associated with buying them new clothes and school supplies. Our district provides everything the kids need so nothing to worry about there. I don’t know about you but my kids have an ungodly amount of clothing. I like to actually pare it down before school starts. We have dividers for their clothes and we set the week up with outfits on Sunday so there’s no “but mom I can’t find anything to wear!!” talk in the morning.


6. Quick to put together breakfasts are a way to streamline the morning. There’s barely any time to get the kids some cereal before shoving them out the door. Making breakfast muffins or mini quiche ahead of time is a great way to prepare. I make sure my kids don’t get dressed until after breakfast because there’s invariably a disaster that would require an outfit change.

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7. Some classrooms ask you to bring in items on wishlists like extra snacks, Kleenex, Clorox wipes etc. I always check those items to see if they’re on sale when I’m at the store. That way when the teacher sends out the request I already have it on hand.

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8. Relax. It’s a learning process. Everyone started as a nervous kindergarten mom and hopefully will understand if you have questions. It is way harder on you than it is on your kids!


Enjoy these last fleeting weeks of summer vacation!