To Barre or Not to Barre?

That is the question we are hoping to answer. Here are a few things you can expect at a Stroller Barre class:

  1. A 60-minute cardio and strength interval class designed to improve posture, stability, and mobility.

  2. Your muscles to ache from all the repeated isolated moves.

  3. To have fun singing songs and chatting with moms while trying to channel your inner ballerina.

  4. To learn some new moves that will help to lengthen and elongate you.

  5. To have better posture as all our exercises encourage you to pull your shoulders back, lift your chest up and engage your core.

Stroller Barre is the perfect complement to Stroller Strides. While Strides includes a higher intensity cardio workout, Barre focuses on some cardio paired with smaller movements intended to burn out specific muscle groups. While we have heard some rumors about what people THINK Barre is, we are here to explain what is true and what is false.


1. There isn’t a designated abs section.

TRUE! While some of you may be excited to not feel that burn in your midsection, there’s a reason why we don’t have an abs station. The focus throughout all of Barre is to hold your core for the various movements we have.


2. Less cardio than Stroller Strides.

TRUE! Yes. There is less cardio, but there is still cardio. We promise we’re not just sitting in a circle swaying back and forth for an hour.


3. There's meditation.

FALSE! We don’t pray or hum quietly, but we do focus on reconnecting with our bodies through various movements.


4. The workout isn’t as good as Stroller Strides.

FALSE! FALSE! FALSE! In fact, Stroller Barre is similar to Stroller Strides but includes more lower impact exercises (no burpees, lots of plié squats). The burn is real; we feel it, and we’re instructing it.


5. There’s weird terminology.

Eh, TRUE?! If you have attitude, you’ll figure out how to get into first position and eventually arabesque your way around. Okay, so the terminology isn’t exactly what you are accustomed to, but we explain everything as we say it.


6. Barre is really just ballet.

FALSE! Don’t worry, my pointe shoes are still collecting dust in my parents’ attic. You do not have to be a ballerina to take Barre, nor do you have to have any ballet experience. Barre is a combination of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and stroller- based exercises.

Whatever your reservations or whichever rumors have been holding you back from coming to Barre, give it a try and decide for yourself. Stroller Barre is offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the 1st Saturday of every month from 9AM-10AM at Briarwood Mall! We hope to see you there soon!