"I was already stir crazy from being cooped up in the house with a newborn ,,," »

Ashlee M

I first found Fit4Mom when I did a Google search for local mom's groups. It was January in Michigan and I was already stir crazy from being cooped up in the house with a newborn for the past 2 months of ugly winter weather. I tried out several A2 mom's groups, and while each had something unique and special to offer for moms and their littles, FIT4MOM Ann Arbor's Stroller Strides class ended up being the best fit for me. It offered me an excuse to get out of the house in the dead of winter with my baby (who, lets be honest, I was not ready to leave yet anyways) and do something healthy and productive. In addition to the workouts and the post-workout play time, Stroller Strides ended up being a super positive and supportive social outlet as well. I also really liked how the extremely positive and knowledgable trainers offered modifications for almost every exercise. Levels one through three. When I started going to SS I was just 3 months postpartum and mostly did the level one exercises, which allowed my body to gently build strength and focus on maintaining proper form. Then when...

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"Try the program and see how strong you really are!" »


"Body Back is a great program. I enjoyed it immensely and have been impressed with the results. The workouts were tough, but you are surrounded by other moms and mutually support each other. The strength training helped me improve my 5k run time by a couple of minutes and got me stronger and leaner. Plus, the nutrition aspect made more mindful of what I put in my body. I have been making better food choices ever since for myself and my family. Try the program and see how strong you really are!"

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"...saw a huge difference in my labor, birth, and recovery..." »

Jennifer Spille

FIT4MOM Ann Arbor was a perfect safe environment to get and stay fit while I was pregnant. I knew all instructors had been trained in safe Pre-Natal exercise. I saw a huge difference in my labor, birth, and recovery when I worked out with FIT4MOM through my pregnancy. It was also a great supportive community; I knew I'd be greeted with support everyday, and cheered on when lugging 25 extra pounds of baby around. I'd recommend it to any mom or mom-to-be.


"I wished I hadn't waited so long to try a class!" »

Catherine W.

I first learned about Fit4Mom when I did an online search for Ann Arbor Moms Groups after my first daughter was born. I started to sign up for a free class to check it out, but then got kinda weirded-out by the idea of showing up to an established group where I wouldn't know ANYONE. I was definitely worried I would feel like an outsider (like a wedding crasher or something!) and also assumed it was more of a walk club where moms just met to push their strollers around together. I changed my mind about trying a class and instead joined a gym with childcare.

Before having a baby, exercise was always a priority my schedule, so I tried to make routine gym time a priority once again, but this time with a baby in tow. Wow - what a challenge. As a new mom, I felt very torn about putting my baby in the gym childcare and always felt in a rush to get back to her. As a result, exercise was no longer a super consistent part of my week, and I would try fit it in as I had time.

Fast forward to halfway through my second pregnancy, which coincided with the dead of Michigan winter -...