"I wished I hadn't waited so long to try a class!"

Catherine W.

I first learned about Fit4Mom when I did an online search for Ann Arbor Moms Groups after my first daughter was born. I started to sign up for a free class to check it out, but then got kinda weirded-out by the idea of showing up to an established group where I wouldn't know ANYONE. I was definitely worried I would feel like an outsider (like a wedding crasher or something!) and also assumed it was more of a walk club where moms just met to push their strollers around together. I changed my mind about trying a class and instead joined a gym with childcare.

Before having a baby, exercise was always a priority my schedule, so I tried to make routine gym time a priority once again, but this time with a baby in tow. Wow - what a challenge. As a new mom, I felt very torn about putting my baby in the gym childcare and always felt in a rush to get back to her. As a result, exercise was no longer a super consistent part of my week, and I would try fit it in as I had time.

Fast forward to halfway through my second pregnancy, which coincided with the dead of Michigan winter - a friend in Virginia told me how much she loved her local Fit4Mom classes and insisted that I find my local group and try it out. One class and I was HOOKED! I wished I hadn't waited so long to try a class!

My favorite things about the classes are how easy it is to visit with and meet new moms in similar a stage of life, the camaraderie and energy of class, the way our children are engaged with songs, stories, tickles, and scarves to wave, and the fact that I can push myself very hard on days I feel strong and ready for a challenge, but I can also just tone it down and listen to my body on days when showing up feels like a feat of superhuman proportions! If I thought F4M was a bunch of moms getting together to push their strollers while visiting, I was both very wrong and very right - wrong because we actually do lots of burpees, push ups, and jump squats in between those strides, but right on because we certainly do a lot chatting after I catch my breath and wipe my brow!