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I’ve seen different versions of the above on Facebook. I’ve commiserated with other moms about how freaking hard it is to be a parent right now (even given that I am privileged, employed, and not an essential worker). I’ve also compared notes with friends who are not parents, and there are some differences that repeatedly surface.

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. The one day a year that all of society is forced to express their undying love for others in the form of gifts.


Nothing screams “me time” like snuggling up on the couch with some hot chocolate and a comfortable blanket and watching some classic holiday movies. Not sure which one to start watching? Would you love to get a good laugh? No problem. You want to hug the tissue box and wallow in self-pity? I’m here for you!


I've been a stay at home mom for five years now. While I'm certainly no expert on kids, except maybe my own, my number one mom lesson has been that my kids behave best when they are both rested and fed.

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To say that I love the fall and everything associated with it, is an understatement. It is a time of year when the weather finally cools down and my inner child pops out at full force! There were plenty of fall firsts for me during my second year in Michigan, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

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Living in the Midwest, we get to enjoy all four seasons nature has to offer. Each season comes with benefits and obstacles, and when you throw parenting into the mix, some seasons are just more of a struggle than others.


The leaves are changing, and the first day of fall has officially passed. If you’re trying to think of some fun activities to do with the kiddos, we’re here to give you some options.


The ladies on the FIT4MOM Ann Arbor team were all born in the 80s, which means a majority of our childhood nostalgia surrounds 1990s culture. We thought it would be fun to put together a list of things we experienced that our kids will never understand.


This weekend FIT4MOM Ann Arbor is holding a special charity class on September 8th to benefit the National CMV Foundation. What is CMV? It’s short for cytomegalovirus (sigh-toh-mega-loh-virus) which is a common cold virus that usually causes minor symptoms – sore throat and fatigue sort of thing – but in pregnant women it severely hurts the unborn baby. Congenital CMV is among the leading cause of hearing loss in infants, and also frequently causes cerebral palsy, epilepsy and vision loss. It’s all too common – approximately 1/150 babies are born with it, and of those about 20% will have serious symptoms.


Hello mamas! Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to head back to school. I by no means consider myself an expert but I do have an incoming third grader. As I always tell my kids, practice is how you get good at things so here I am.


I taught high school English for eight years. Over the course of those eight years, I encountered approximately 1,500 students. On a daily basis, I conversed with at least 150 students. Some were my actual students and others were just friends of my students who would eat lunch in my classroom. There were days I would see students from 7am until 4pm. During the fall, I coached volleyball, which commanded a lot of my time as well. I was busy, but I was happy. I knew most of the other teachers and had lunch with adults every day. Essentially, I talked for nine hours a day.


I'm not an outdoorsy person. As a kid I dreaded our annual family camping trips. Hiking near our northern Michigan cabin wasn't a part of the summer I looked forward to. I preferred pools to lakes. Outside has bugs, sunburns, no a/c and did I mention bugs? And snow? Nope nope nope.

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Eight years ago I had a baby. I’m a very social person and having a newborn was super isolating for me, even though I have a huge support system and many friends and family members having babies. Being home all day with someone who can’t talk to you is so hard. When my daughter was three months old, I attended my first Stroller Strides class. I had found my village.


We’ve all done it. Admit it. We are experts at things we’ve never experienced.


I found FIT4MOM when my son David was about six months old and immediately regretted that I hadn’t found the group sooner. I loved the workouts, but the biggest win for me was the incredible network of mom friends I feel like I made almost instantly. Fast forward about two years and I can’t even begin to put into words how much FIT4MOM has shaped me as a mom - and continues to do so! The biggest downside as a working mom is that I can only make it to class on Saturdays - until now! Weeknight Stroller Strides classes are now being offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm at County Farm Park, and I’m here to tell you that you should join us - especially if you’re a working mom.